Moturoa School

Te Kura o Moturoa - Established 1923

‘Honour Before Honours’

Term 4 Plant Study – Paritutu korokio (Corokia cotoneaster “Paritutu”)

Moturoa School children have been involved in growing and learning about the Paritutu korokio for a long time. Two Paritutu korokio were planted by children in our school native gardens way back in 1994 and are still in our gardens to this day.  This rare and regionally distinctive plant is a very hardy tangle-branched (divaricating) coastal shrub that as the common name suggests grows naturally on Paritutu Rock. We have many more Paritutu korokio in our garden now DSC08529DSC08523DSC00782which the children can study first hand and they also provide a ready source for cuttings in the Trees for Survival propagation programme. Practically every shrub in our gardens at the moment is covered in beautiful fragrant bright yellow star-shaped flowers. In a few months these will be followed by an abundance of very attractive yellow to pale orange berry-like fruit. In 2001 the school established the tradition of presenting these very special local plants as a farewell gifts to year 6 students at the end of their Moturoa School career.