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‘Honour Before Honours’

Term 2 – Plant Study – ‘native forget-me not’ (Myosotis pansa subsp. praeceps)

The ‘native forget-me not’ (Myosotis pansa subsp. praeceps) is a small rare and threatened plant which is known to occur in limited numbers along damp gullies and banks, amongst scrubby vegetation, near the Wai Pingao Stream at Parininihi in North Taranaki. In 2017 we were requested by the Tiaki Te Mauri O Parininihi Trust to grow this plant to help boost the numbers in the wild. We were given one plant sourced from the original site and were lucky enough to collect seeds from this plant and grow over 50 seedlings. Moturoa School children joined with Mimi School children to plant the Myosotis near the original Wai Pingao site on November 7th 2017. Apparently the young plants have established well. Moturoa School children planted more seed at the beginning of this year and we now have well over 100 seedlings that we will be transplanting into planting pots this term.

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