Moturoa School

Te Kura o Moturoa - Established 1923

‘Honour Before Honours’

Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees is responsible for student achievement and works in partnership with our Principal, teachers, support staff, school community and the government to ensure the best possible educational outcomes for all our students.

The Board of Trustees has the overall responsibility for the governance of Moturoa School which includes certain legal obligations covering responsibility for property and personnel, the proper management of school finances, reporting to the Ministry of Education on Student Achievement and the development of the Charter.

The Board of Trustees fulfils these obligations and works to assure that:

The students at Moturoa School are receiving a high quality standard of education.

National priorities for school education are being addressed at Moturoa School.

Resources are being used effectively and efficiently to ensure the highest possible quality learning.

Principal: Hamish Hislop

Chairperson: Glen Robinson

Staff Representative: Carolyn Weston

Montessori Representatives: Gillian Somers

Board Members: Cees Bevers, Jordan Hartley-Smith, Hayden Owen, Lauren Wallace

Minutes Secretary: Karlene Jones

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