Moturoa School

Te Kura o Moturoa - Established 1923

‘Honour Before Honours’

Learning and Education

‘Students need to learn to spell words conventionally so that they can communicate effectively through writing.’

(Tompkins, G., Campbell, R.Green, D., 2012. p. 169)

Moturoa School is committed to raising the art of teaching spelling, developing pedagogy of teachers and enhancing spelling outcomes for all students.

We are proud to be leading the way in moving spelling beyond its traditional characteristics of rote learning tests and worksheets and creating vibrant, dynamic classrooms which celebrate words and their spellings through inquiry and collaboration. We want students who are fascinated by words and intrigued by their spellings; learners who eagerly question, discuss and reflect and who are deeply curious ‘about’ words, their structure, history and patterns. We want students to have a toolbox of knowledge and strategies to confidently solve their own word problems across the curriculum, across the day and become ‘forever spellers’.

Moturoa School’s Vision for Spellers

For all students to become analytical and metacognitive spellers, who have a toolbox of skills, knowledge and strategies to solve their own word problems in any curriculum area.

For all teachers to believe passionately in their ability to ignite a word curiosity and spelling consciousness in their students; and to feel confident they have the skills, knowledge and strategies to be effective teachers of spelling.

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