Moturoa School

Te Kura o Moturoa - Established 1923

‘Honour Before Honours’

Virtues Programme

The virtues programme is an amazing programme that is focussed on seeing the best in each and every person, adult and child. The Virtues Project was co-created by Linda Kavelin Popov, her brother John and her husband Dan.

“The purpose of The Virtues Project is to help develop a culture of character where respect, patience, self-discipline, tolerance and joy for learning are among the virtues our children master.”

Some of the virtues include:

  • Cooperation
  •  Diligence
  • Honour
  • Honesty
  • Kindness
  • Reliability
  • Self Discipline
  • Trust
  • Unity

The virtues programme is throughout our school. We use the language of the virtues in our interactions with the children and each other. Along our hallway we have our virtues acknowledgements, so that our whole community can read about the virtues that are shining through in our children. We have parent evenings and are working towards taking it out to our community.